Note: Address information is for certificate delivery

Note: Public Group participants should get inspiration from one of the publications awarded in the latest Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award.

Note: When instruction is involved please also provide the instructor's name.

Note: Please fill up the name of school or institute if applicant is organized to participate.

* Physical works need be to delivered to the organizer for jury purpose. Please refer to participation rules for mailing information.
(300 dpi and above)
Registration Notes
  • 1. All submitted illustrations will NOT be returned. They will be reserved in Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition Museum;
  • 2. Contact information such as phone number and address will be used for the delivery of certificate and catalogue to prize winners.
  • 3. A confirmation letter will be sent to your email address upon successful application. Please note that it may be mistakenly distributed into a spam folder.
  • 4. All types of illustrations (including printed digital works) should be sent to the organizer in physical form and make sure to arrive before August 31, 2022. Please refer to the Participation Rules for specific regulations.
Copyright Statement
  • 1. All illustration works submitted to us shall be original works created by the illustrator and have never been published before. If the applicant violated the rules for application and caused disputes over the copyright of works, the applicant shall bear the legal responsibilities by him/herself.
  • 2. Images from the submissions may be used in designs to promote the programme of Chenbochui International Children's Literature Award and its related events or activities;
  • 3. The value of the annual prize collaboration contract and the acquisition fee of excellent works are both before tax.
I am informed of and accept the above information