Created in 2015, the Original Illustration Exhibition is a key event linked to the Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award (CICLA), which has been gaining visibility and recognition worldwide in the past years.
The Exhibition consists of two categories: Professional Group and Public Group. In the professional category, a theme is provided every year and professional artists are invited to deliver their vision of the theme through a series of illustration works.
In the Public Group, children and painting lovers with an interest in reading and drawing are invited to get inspirations from one of the prize-winning works in the previous edition of the CICLA, including picture books and novels. This category mainly aims to encourage artistic creation and promote healthy reading habits among young people.
Each year, the organizer shows to the public 100 outstanding works selected from these two groups at a museum in Shanghai, which is also the venue of Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award ceremony.
  • Hosted by Shanghai Baoshan District People's Government Shanghai Press and Publication Administration Chen Bochui Children's Literature Foundation Special Committee
  • Organized by Shanghai Baoshan Administration of Culture and Tourism China Welfare Institute Publishing House
  • Professional Group is open to professional artists all around the world with their physical works.
  • Application: Apr. 8, 2023 - Aug. 31, 2023
  • Work Jury: Sept. 1, 2023 - Oct. 30, 2023
  • Exhibition: Nov. 15, 2023 - Jan. 31, 2024
Creative Theme
  • "Encounter"
Requirements for Creation
  • 1. Painted works and digital works
    Participant should submit a series of 3-5 pieces of illustrations based on the annual theme. The maximum size of works is 420mm×297mm.
  • 2. Works in other forms
    Other forms of works, such as paper-cutting, print and sculpture are also accepted. Frontal size of three-dimensional works is suggested to be no smaller than 200mm×200mm.
Online Application
  • To apply in taking participation, please press the button "Apply here" to enter the application page. Submit related information as required and uploaded scanned pictures or digital images of finished works in high-definition (300 dpi or above).
Physical Works Delivery
After applying on-line, participants should send physical works (with signature) to the organizer and make sure of their arrival by the admission deadline (August 31, 2023). This rule applies to all forms of creation, including digital and three-dimensional works.
On the package of the parcel please mark clear "CICLA Illustration" along with other necessary information.
* It is NOT recommended to declare high value for the package, or it might cause extra formalities for customs clearance and delay of arrival.
  • Delivery Information
  • Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition
  • Address: 4788 Hutai Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China
  • Code: 201907
  • Contact: Shannon Shan
  • Tel:+86-21-66787899
Honors and Prizes
An independent jury will select ONE artist to win the Annual Prize and receive a collaboration contract worth 80,000 RMB (before tax) to create next year's main visual design.
A Best Character Prize will also be selected. The character(s) in the prize-winning work will be used by the organizer for promoting the Exhibition and developing cultural creative products.
Around 20 top series will be taken into museum collections, with an acquisition fee of 800 USD (before tax) for hand-drawn series works, or 500 USD (before tax) for digital ones.
Around 50 excellent artworks will be exhibited and featured in the exhibition catalogue.
Copyright Statement
All illustration works submitted to us shall be original works created by the illustrator and have never been published before. If the applicant violated the rules for application and caused disputes over the copyright of works, the applicant shall bear the legal responsibilities by him/herself.
All submissions have the opportunity of being shown at CICLA related events or activities, such as domestic and international book fairs and tour exhibitions. Images from the submissions may be used in designs to promote the programme.
Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award Council Office April, 2023